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Your go-to restaurant source for top-of-the-line commercial kitchen equipment from the country’s leading names in kitchen equipment.”


If you want your restaurant to stand out like the brightest star in the great, big Texas sky, you need to staff it with the best talent in the business, and equip it with the most efficient, top-of-the-line appliances and supplies available. Southwest Restaurant Equipment is dedicated to providing your eatery with the largest line of professional-grade kitchen equipment and supplies used by chefs and restaurants across the country. Whether gourmet restaurant, global franchise, local steak house, pizzeria or small cafe, we supply every piece of high-quality equipment needed to efficiently maintain your restaurant’s daily output of culinary artistry. We pride ourselves on being a valued partner to the food service industry in Texas and entire Southwest, and look forward to providing you with top-shelf equipment and supplies that will help make your restaurant shine brightly.

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