Crazy for Cutlery

  You may think that cutlery mainly refers to knives, but it involves all the flatware in your restaurant. Choosing which ones are necessities for your restaurant might be harder than you think. Here are some tips when choosing the right cutlery for your restaurant:   Knives There are so many knives to choose from: […]

Customer Service is the Most Important Thing in a Restaurant Business

Restaurant owner and Dallas-Fort Worth businessman, Charlie Pham, knows the secret to run a successful business. It isn’t having the latest and greatest technology. It isn’t blowing the budget on a fancy atmosphere. The secret lies in how you treat the customers.  “When I was building up Pho95 on Arkansas,” Pham says, “I had a […]

How to Use Display Cases in Your Restaurant

A great way to make a wonderful impression of your restaurant as soon as the customer steps in the door is by beautifully showcasing certain foods in a display case. Display cases are one way to get customers to order certain items before or after their meal. It’s practically an essential purchase for any restaurant […]

Summer Time Drinks Your Patrons Will Love: The Florid Bourbon Slushy

Nothing says summer like a frozen adult beverage. Use the Grindmaster-Cecilware MP frozen drink machine to whip up a signature frozen concoction like one of these two favorites: Florida Bourbon Slushy Ingredients 1, 6 oz Can of Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate 1, 12 oz Can of Frozen Lemonade Concentrate 1, 46 oz Can of […]

Fall Dishes Your Customers will Love

Think of all the lovely fall dishes you could be serving this upcoming season. Check out these recipes for something your customers will love. Something as simple as a Waldorf Salad, will definitely highlight the flavors of fall. It’s light and crisp –guaranteed to be a favorite. Waldorf Salad Recipe Preparation time: about 25 minutes. […]