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Customer Service is the Most Important Thing in a Restaurant Business

Restaurant owner and Dallas-Fort Worth businessman, Charlie Pham, knows the secret to run a successful business. It isn’t having the latest and greatest technology. It isn’t blowing the budget on a fancy atmosphere. The secret lies in how you treat the customers. 

“When I was building up Pho95 on Arkansas,” Pham says, “I had a customer that walked in with a baby. The customer ordered his pho and was ready to eat, but the baby kept on crying and crying.”

Pham watched the customer take the little one outside as to not disturb others in the restaurant. The man stayed out for some time soothing the baby. 

“I turned to the manager and told him, ‘keep your eye on that customer. When that customer walks back in I want you to offer him another bowl of pho since his bowl will be cold when he comes back in.’\” 

The manager did as Pham asked and took him a fresh, hot bowl of pho. \"Two

The customer was surprised by the act and replied, \”No, no you don\’t have to do that. This is my fault, not yours.\” 

But to Pham and his staff, it didn’t matter. The point was to make that customer feel welcomed and appreciated.

Pham says that same customer comes in every week and usually brings friends and family. “You see, that one act of good quality customer service kept that customer so happy, that his experience not only got us more customers, but a lifelong customer.” 

Customer service has to a business’s number one priority, above anything else. If you don’t take care of your customers, they won’t be customers for long. Going the extra mile and delighting them with service like no other is worth every penny.

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